Charlemagne: @GreatKing_Charles

By: Mary Addison Watson


I was bound for greatness. I made Europe strong and set a great foundation for my kingdom. I strengthened the central government and restored much of the unity of the old Roman Empire which helped towards the devolvement of Europe. I love learning, and spreading my beliefs. Strong Christian at heart, and will do anything to see the world feel exactly the way I do. Follow me #dontbebasic


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My #WCW is this fair lady. My beautiful lady is the mother of our kids Bertrada of Laon: Louis the Pious aka: gisela, Pepin of Italy, and Pepin of Hunchback.

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To be honest I think every one should be Christian ..... If you are not, I don't think that you should have the right to live.

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Everyone knows trust me. The "massacre of Verden"

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