The attribute of Humor.

By: Ryan Drumm & Hunter Jones

Hunters point of view

A sense of humor is a good sense attribute to have because it gives you the ability to laugh at yourself when things go wrong or even tell a joke that makes someone feel great even though they have been having the worst day in the world. If you don't have a good sense of humor it can bring you down when you mess up and bring others down because of your bad mood from when you mess up. o overall a good sense of humor is good to have.
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Ryan's Point of view

Is is good to have a sense of humor. It helps you get up when others can't. This lets you laugh at life or even yourself. This is the ability to walk through the worst with a smile. A sense of humor allows you to laugh at a joke like no one else. Many people have this attribute. Those who don't can't just have fun but have a natural instinct for being board. These people I feel bad for.
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Personal Definition of attribute

I think the definition for attribute is a kind of trait that everyone had and usually can not help or stop the continuation of this trait due to it being a part of who you are.
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Humor representation

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Words of humor

Happiness, Forgiveness, and laughter.