The Death of Emmett Till

A changing event in the Civil Rights movement (Ally Weaver)

How this changed the nation

The death of Till was unfair and unjust. For something so small and insignificant, a young, bright man was brutally beaten and killed. And what's worse, Till's killers were acquitted by an all-white male jury. Just several months later, J.W Milam and Roy Bryant openly admitted to murdering for flirting with a married white woman. This, of course caused an uprise that was an crucial part of the Civil Rights movement. People finally started to realize what was happening in their so called 'fair' lifestyle

Emmett was only 14 years old when he was cut off in his prime. After visiting an uncle, he went out with some friends to a drug store to get a pop. His friends later reported that he did 'speak disrespectfully' to a woman who happened to be Mrs. Bryant. That night, Emmett was kidnapped from his uncle's trailer and tortured.

Original speech from Mamie Elizabeth Till