Really Tired? Keep Working!

Child labor is defined as:

  • -Work performed by children under the age of 18 (depending on the country)
  • -Long hours of work on a regular or full-time basis
  • -Abusive treatment by the employer
  • -No access, or poor access, to education
  • There are 218 million child laborers around the world.

    Video Campaign Against Child Labor (Short Version)

    Every Cent Counts

    It is estimated to take $760 billion over 20 years to eliminate child labour completely. The estimated benefit in terms of better education and health is over $4 trillion, a six-to-one difference.

    World Vision: Help Protect Children

    Many organizations, like World Vision want a better life for children. They realize how devastating child labor is and they want you to donate to eliminate this cruel treatment. You can donate to one specific child, so you just might save that child's life.