Haunted Georgia

By Alan Brown


This book a 4 star rating its a pretty good book to sit down an read.


A haunted guide named Chris Griffin claimed to have killed a monstrous feral hog In June 2004 at a river oak plantation. Which now Is haunted to whoever visits there.


Teachers will enjoy reading this pretty nice book it could teach you a. when you alone It can have you to thank twice about doing an a spooky place.
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A picture of the book is shown above. In the book strange things happen in what we now know as home. In certain regions such as the Coastal Plains many stories have been told about the supernatural.


  • This book is about an killing of an animal hog. That is buried an grave yard that is haunted. A little girl goes to see the hog but was scared cause the grave yard was haunted. Its more stories that's connected to this one whole book The Lovely Ghost of Panola Hall was all about the haunted house that they found the little girl from she was sitting an corner when the people arrives she reacts to the company.

This Book Was Done By: Michael Harper