Fifth Grade

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Career Exploration and Digital Citizenship

Fifth grade classroom guidance lessons are divided into two units: Career Exploration and Digital Citizenship.

Career Exploration

Students will identify and discuss personal qualities and values as they relate to the work place. Students will learn about their strengths and areas of interest. Students will make connections between school success and career success.

Digital Citizenship

Students will understand and reflect on their role in our digital world. Students will differentiate between public, private and personal information when considering what is safe to share online.

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Scope and Sequence

Career Exploration

Lesson 1: Your Attitude is Showing (positive work habits, attitudes)

Lesson 2: Go Team Go! (teamwork, interdependence)

Lesson 3: Open Minds (overcoming bias, stereotypes)

Lesson 4: Say What You Mean (communication)

Digital Citizenship

Lesson 1: Digital Life 101

Lesson 2: Private and Personal Information

Lesson 3: Social Networking

Learning Targets

I have identified learning targets for each fifth grade classroom guidance lesson. Learning targets are aligned with American School Counselor Association (ASCA) student standards. At the end of each lesson, students should be able to demonstrate mastery of the learning target.

Career Exploration

Lesson 1: I can demonstrate positive work habits.

Lesson 2: I can work cooperatively with a team.

Lesson 3: I can define bias and stereotypes.

Lesson 4: I can understand why clear communication is important.

Digital Citizenship

Lesson 1: I can understand the importance of acting responsibly online.

Lesson 2: I can understand the difference between private and personal information.

Lesson 3: I can understand what information is and is not safe to share online.