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Happy May!

As another school year comes to a close, we want to recognize the hard work of all the faculty and staff at Frenship ISD. You all do amazing work every day and you are much appreciated! We love seeing the students thrive, learn and grow. Thank you for another awesome year!


Cindi Cobb

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction

Fun With Foundational Reading Skills

K-2 students from across the district have been working hard this year on developing foundational reading skills. These kindergarten students from Upland Heights are building words using magnetic tiles. This is a part of their daily routine of engaging in reading, writing, and spelling activities that are hands on.

ESL College Fair

In Ms. Martinez's English Language Learners' classroom, students created their own college fair. As they approached this fair, they employed their research skills to locate significant facts and figures about their schools. They also utilized several technology to help create their visual college posters. Moreover, they presented to their classmates to practice their presentations. Finally, faculty and administration were invited to the College Fair where the students communicated and introduced their colleges using academic English. We are very proud of our secondary 9-12th grade ELLs for all their hard work this year! Special thanks to all those who were able to attend.

Interior Design Students Re-Design Teachers' Lounge

Interior Design students were allocated a budget to re-design the teachers’ lounge at the 9th Grade Center. Groups created client profiles and vision boards before pitching ideas to teachers and administrators who choose a winning look. Students spent hours selecting the furniture, design and décor for the room before the “grand reveal” of the new lounge.

GT Biology Class Presents Genetic Disorder Research

Students in Heather Walls’ PAP-GT biology class are pictured presenting their research poster over a genetic disorder during their study of genetics. Mrs. Walls said that one of her goals of the project was to provide constructive feedback to help her students move from “novice” to “proficient” presenters. Mrs. Walls invited additional Frenship staff to the presentation to provide an authentic audience and additional presenter feedback. Through this project students were able to extend their learning about genetics and improve on their presentation skills. Great job, biology students!

Frenship Gardens

Second grade students throughout the district have had a unique experience this year planting and caring for a school garden. Emily Muller’s students at Willow Bend are pictured harvesting spinach. Sonia Riva’s students at Bennett are pictured measuring temperature and rainfall.

The garden has provided opportunities to support science instruction as well as other content areas. Mrs. Muller’s students processed what they were learning in science, basic needs and the parts of plants, using the “donut” brainstorming strategy. Students used their brainstorming page to write a paragraph about plants.

Social Studies Boot Camp

Students in the 8th grade and 11th grade prepared for their Social Studies STAAR test as they participated in “Boot Camps” across the district. These students at Terra Vista Middle School enjoyed engaging in numerous activities and review games as they stretched their brains in the final countdown of the school year!

Algebra 1 Boot Camp

Teachers from the 9th Grade Center and Frenship Highschool collaborated to create an Algebra 1 boot camp for students. The excited educators incorporated activities to allow students to get up and move and solve problems using high yield strategies. The focus was to create a fun learning environment in which students left feeling successful and confident for the upcoming EOC. It was a great success!

FMS Book Celebration

FMS is hosting their annual Book Celebration this week! Students were required to read 2,500 pages for the semester or 5,000 for the year in order to participate in this year's cookout. Each reading teacher determined how they would track their student's progress. Check out one of Briana Massey's classes and the number of books they have read!

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