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Intro to Music Ed S02

Getting to Know Your Classmate

I grew up in lovely Hudson, Ohio which is about forty minutes south east of Berea. I lived there with my parents, Luann and Ted, and my three older brothers, Patrick, Chris, and Andy, as well as my dog, Diesel. I am the youngest of my family, so college seems so familiar to me already. I cannot wait for what is to come in these next four years here at BWU, and I'm glad to be in a class with such wonderful peers.


Whenever I'm not in a practice room, which should be less often, you can find me either cruising around campus on my long board, or tossing a disc with friends. I also enjoy golfing, nature walks, and doing yoga, as well as learning projects for my launchpad. You will all most likely see me at most social events, since all my roommates have dubbed me the social butterfly of our dorm. But, when the day is at an end, or I am just exhausted, I like to kick back, turn on some music, and play video games. As of right now, my top three genres to listen to are Electroswing, Nu Disco, and Indie.

High School Memories

Future Plans


After graduating from BWU with a degree in Music Education, I would like to get a job teaching in an underprivileged school district. I believe that students in impoverished areas should have access to a solid music program, since it is shown that students who learn music along with a core curriculum do better in classes like English and math. After a few years, I will pursue a masters degree in Music Ed and try to get a job at a conservatory like BW.

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If you ever need a friend to study with, or a shoulder to cry on, I can be there for you. Just remember that each one of you is special in your own way and deserves every moment in time you get.