Principal's Newsletter

From the Desk of Ms. Clark

June 3, 2021

Dear Parents,

As I write my last newsletter for the 2020-2021 school year, it is hard to believe how quickly the school year has passed. I would like to thank you for your faith, trust, and commitment to the mission of Saint Katharine Drexel Catholic School. It is your belief in Catholic education that helps us to sustain our school. We respect the sacrifices each family makes to send their child to SKD School, and we will continue to put your child first in everything we do! This was a very busy year and you, as partners in education, played a great role in making it a success!

As many are preparing for graduation around the world, we are surrounded by messages of inspiration and wisdom. We celebrate the many talents of all and encourage our graduates to continue to study hard and choose friends wisely. But in the end, what really counts is who you are and the kind of person you choose to become.

We try to instill this concept in each of our students every day of the school year. In these final weeks during community prayer, we pray each day that the virtues we have practiced all year will continue to grow in our hearts. We encourage our students to continue to practice the virtues of kindness, honesty, gratitude, patience, hope, charity, self-control, peace, and courage during the summer, next school year, and all the years of their lives.

Please join me in congratulating Saint Katharine Drexel’s graduating Class of 2021! We are so proud of them. It has been a privilege to get to know each of them and to watch them grow. We know they will continue to make us proud as they move on to high school.

In closing, I take this opportunity to congratulate all students of Saint Katharine Drexel Catholic School! We are so proud of ALL of our students. I wish you all a very happy, safe, and enjoyable summer. Please be sure to take time as a family to talk, play, and pray together. I look forward to the 2021-2022 school year with great anticipation and hope for another outstanding year of Catholic education.

God's blessings,

Ms. Clark

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Summer Hours

Our school office will be open for limited hours over the summer months. Tentatively- the school will be open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays beginning June 15th from 9am until 1pm.

Race for Education- THANK YOU

Our children had a great time during their Race for Education which included dunking Ms. Clark and Mr. LaRosa. We want to especially thank our extended SKD Family for all of their donation dollars to this special fundraiser for our school! At this point, we have raised over $40,000 for our school. THANK YOU! WE COULD NOT DO IT WITHOUT YOU!

2021-2022 Faculty Additions and Changes

Please join me in welcoming the following new team members to our SKD family.

  • Mrs. Denise Cook who will join our PreK team and teach PreK 3.

  • Ms. Eve Romanowski who will join our 5th grade team in Room 207.

  • Mrs. Maggie Barrett who will join our Kindergarten team as a full-time aide.

  • Mrs. Susan Moore who will join our PreK 4 team as a part-time aide.

I am also excited to announce the following changes for the 2021-2022 school year:

  • Mrs. Heather Stern will join our PreK 3 as the teacher aide assisting Mrs. Cook.

  • Mrs. Elaine Walton will join our PreK 4 team as the teacher aide assisting both classes.

  • Ms. Gillian Henes will join our Kindergarten team and teach kindergarten in room 110.

  • Ms. Brittany Galiano will join our 2nd grade team as the instructional aide assisting our 2nd grade students.

  • Mr. Timothy McWilliams will return to his role as Media Specialist in our renovated STREAM lab.

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Grant & Aid Application Fee: $35.00 Your 2019 or 2020 tax return is required to complete your application. If you applied last year, your application will autofill. You will be notified by FACTS if any additional documentation needs to be submitted. The link is on our website, on the Archdiocesan BLOCS website and here:

Award decisions will be made based on the FACTS Grant & Aid estimated need.


Covid Update

Week of 5/31: Number of positive staff / student cases = 0

REVISED Symptom Screening Tool

All parents are primarily responsible for monitoring the health of their children. While it is our intention to remain open for the entire school year, parents are expected to do their part and keep their children home when they are sick.

Please see below for the “Revised” Symptom Monitor Checklist which is to be completed each day. By sending your child to school, you are confirming that you have completed this health screening.

Free Money for Our School

Please be sure to participate in the following to help raise "free" money for our school:

  • Box Tops for Education
  • Giant Rewards
  • Smile Amazon
  • Shoparoo

Important Dates to Remember

6/4: Mass 10:30am

6/7: Field Day

6/8: 8th Grade Clap Out

6/9: 11:45am Dismissal / 8th Grade Gradaution

6/10: 11:45am Dismissal

6/11: Last Day / Mass 9am / Dismissal 10:30am

Mission Statement

The Mission of St. Katharine Drexel Catholic School is to form Catholic leaders through academic excellence, personal discipline, and Christian service.