Elementary Phy. Ed.

Teacher - Jason Martzke

Physical Education Newsletter - March 2015


  • If your child (K-1) would still like to become a member of the "Shoe Tying Club", just have them bring in their colored shoe once they have learned to tie their shoes on their own. We are hanging all of these shoes up in the elementary gym.
  • Students can still turn in their January/February Physical Activity Calendar to Mr. Martzke.
  • Sorry for this newsletter being so late, it's been an extremely busy February/March, thank you for your patience.


  • During February , our 4th-5th grade students played Flat Bat.
  • Our K-3 students enjoyed one of their favorite times of the year, the scooters were out and we played Pac Man tag and Maze tag. The students really enjoyed these activities as we used scooters, put the mats up in the gym, and turned down the lights...take a moment and ask your student about this activity.
  • 6 minute club for all students in K-5.


  • 4th & 5th grade students are playing Apple Ball (Whiffle ball with a bigger foam ball)
  • K-3 students are playing a variety of games.
  • 7 minute club


  • Jump Rope for Heart will be in March/April, information will be sent home soon.
  • Students in grades K-3 will be working on their tumbling skills.
  • Students in K-5 will also be starting some fitness activities.


Mr. Martzke, after a few weeks "OFF" to allow our student teacher, Mr. Luhman a chance to work with our students, is happy to be back teaching and working with the kids full time. Speaking of Mr. L, he got a long term sub position for the rest of the school year at DeLong Middle School in Eau Claire.

March has been extremely busy with basketball. The students have been wonderful when I have been gone. It is so nice to come back and get glowing reports on our students from the subs, our elementary students are so AWESOME!

One last reminder, students that are filling out the activity calendars, should have received the February and March calendars. The activity calendars are a great source to keep our students active outside of school, even when it's cold outside. Your child doesn’t have to do all the activities on the calendar. If they are involved in sports or other activities like playing outside, check off the date on the calendar. If you didn't receive a calendar, you can print a copy from the link below. The students can double up the activities if they would like this month, since you received them so late. The class that returns the most calendars this month will receive a "FREE" day in PE.

March Activity Calendar