School of Nursing & Health

A Higher Approach

GSU Is Offering A Better Insight of The Nursing Career Path

Georgia State is giving 100 nursing students from affiliated T.A.G. Program colleges and universities a chance to get a better understanding of the nursing career they have chosen to follow. A more in depth and hands on approach to shadow nurses and familiarize themselves with the daily happenings of a hospital, from a nurses prospective.

General Information

Location: Georgia State University Campus - 33 Gilmer St SE, Atlanta, GA 30303
Program Dates: Thursday September 12 - Sunday September 22
Registration Fee: $50

Students will be segregated into groups determined by their career path interest. They will be accommodated with a a room and roommate and entry into any of the campuses dining services for the time spent on the campus.

We ask that all serious inquires register by Monday August 26 due to limited spacing.

Gauranteed To Be Relaxing, Fun, and Insightful