Blood Anatomy

4 Parts of Blood

There are 4 parts to Blood Anatomy. Plasma: the liquid part of blood that carries nutrients and hormones throughout the body. It makes up about 55% of blood tissue; Platelets: cell fragments that assist in blood clotting. There are 300,000 of them per micro-liter of blood; Red Blood Cells: transport nutrients. They're also called Erythrocytes. For every 1 micro-liter, there is 5 million Red Blood Cells. They have no nucleus; and White Blood Cells: fight disease. Also called Leukocytes, they're the only blood cell that has a nucleus, making them the only one's to have DNA.

Presumptive Blood Tests

There is the Phenolphthalein Test, which produces a pink color when positive. The other blood test is called the Luminol Test, which causes the blood to turn blue when a UV light is used; this test works best on older blood.