Saving and Investing

Kira Collins

Savings VS Investing

Savings is the portion of your current income that you aren't spending. For example, its used for emergencies and it just gives you financial security. Investing is the purchase of assets with the goal of increasing future income. Assets include cash, vehicles, houses, furniture and more. Investing money will help build your wealth.

Why you should save...

Saving is important because it will provide you with financial security. Without savings there is a chance that you could go in debt if you had an unanticipated expense. Saving helps an individual or household pay for the particular level of living during that time.

Saving services that PNC Bank will offer...

PNC Bank provides multiple different Saving Account options. One option is a Statement Savings account which is for long and short-term goals. Statement Savings allow you to transfer money to your account as many times as you want. You could also have a Premium Money Market which also lets you deposit as much as you need too. It also allows you to establish a recurring a month. But, there are multiple different saving accounts that you could use.