An Interview with Ms. Lougheed

By Will Oliver

Ms. Lougheed's has the lead

Ms. Lougheed went to the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor and the University of Baylor to earn her Bachelor and Masters degree in Athletic Training. She teaches 9th grade Sports Medicine I. She taught at Mt. Pleasant High School before taking the job here.

Ms. Lougheed's Career

Ms. Lougheed's class environment is fun and informative. She has many poster up on the wall to encourage enlighten the students. To keep the classroom running smoothly, she only calls on students with their hand raised, and she also tells the students to put their phone's away in order for them to pay attention.

Ms. Lougheed ask students about the powerpoint to involve everyone and keep their attention. As a teacher and athletic trainer, she puts in up to 70 hours a week with 40 hours being the minimum. Her biggest challenge as a teacher is getting the up and coming student trainers to apply what they are learning to the field and training room.

To be a teacher and athletic trainer, Ms. Lougheed said that you must be very motivated to do the job and even more motivated to do the job right. Her biggest reward as a teacher is getting to help and impact student's lives for the better.