Conflict vs Diplomacy

Were all those lives worth the peace we have now?

To be blunt, no.

Over 30 million people were killed in this war that was brought about by power hungry nut cases who weren't satisfied by their already huge amount of property. The people killed had died in ways that were inhumane, painful, and likened to going through hell itself. First off, some people had gotten run over by tanks. Secondly, there were some who got these horrible diseases and died from those. Thirdly, the gas bombs, which speak for themselves, were likely the most horrible way to die and will not have their effects described here to protect the squeamish. Finally, the fact that many of them did this all without shoes, food, or a chance to sleep amplifies the pain factor by approximately an additional 70%. All of these combined make for a situation where death is preferable to fighting in this war.

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A letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

I am glad you are not showing the horrors of this war to the children of today. By the time the kids grow up, the war will be over and they will not have to experience the evils that fighting brings. The hellish scenery of a warzone is not something you can just forget. Bodies, missing pieces of various sizes, the smell of death everywhere, bullets shells and viscera everywhere you look. Make sure you never let these kids see what we've seen.


Here's the body count for this senseless violence.