Art in Elementary Schools

Why don't elementary schools have art as a subject?

Why is art important?

Art is very important in our daily lives. It brings an output of emotions when you are drawing. It is also very important to young kids. It brings your imagination to life when drawing and it shows your feelings.
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Some Facts

84% of American parents say that they believe art is important in a kids' life. It improves their grades in any or all classes. Art raises a persons emotional skill by helping give out emotions.
Art inspires kids of all ages to draw and it is good for all ages. It requires both sides of your brain to work and it requires practice and time. It also teaches patients for those who have none. It is easy to do when you put your mind to it.

Why don't they have it in some elementary schools?

Elementary schools have music in it but why not art? Art is very important for our brains because it keeps the brain creative and wild in imagination. Music is still important though but I believe that music and art are same with importance.

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