Sybil Ludington


By Rachel Garrett

Early life

  • Sybil Ludington was born to Abigail and Colonel Henry Ludington
  • She was the eldest of twelve children
  • And grew up in Patterson New York

Teen years

When Sybil turned 16 she started taking care of the youngens

When she was a teen she also did her hero act

The hero act

On April 26 1777 news came out that the British were coming.

Sybil rode off farther than Paul Revere and warned people that the British were coming

She rode forty miles in all.

When she reached her home four hundred men were ready to attack.

Sybil reward

After Sybil hero act she got to meet George Washington He thanked for her brave act.

He allowed her to be in the war, she accepted

Later years

Sybil married in October 1784 she was 23.

She married Lawyer Edward Ogden.

She spent the rest of her life in Undilla New York with there son Harry.

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Her death

Sybil Ludington died on February 26 1839 at the age of 45

In Memory of Sybil Ludington

  • In honor of her they renamed her hometown Ludingtonville
  • They also made a statue of her riding out to warn people that the regulars were coming
  • They also made a stamp too