Looking at other film posters which come under the same genre/sub genre as my own (Psychological thriller). I wanted to research conventions used .

From looking at the these few films which have helps inspire our own short film it is clear to see that they all share similar colour schemes of blue/grey/black/white and sometimes red.

This colour scheme is shown to be a key indicator is the genre itself which is easily recognised by audiences everywhere. When creating our own poster it may be best to represent our genre clearly by using a similar colour scheme to create the same dramatic effect.

The colour blue often symbolises depth which can indicate to our audience that the film has more to it than what they originally though and that there is a deeper meaning to the storyline ( the themes of mental instability and drink driving awareness )

We have also looked into different formats of film posters such as different compositions of the photos and having no photos and going for a more graphic look. As you can see from the examples above, a lot of psychological thrillers use a graphic based poster which are usually very simplistic with one main symbolic meaning from the film represented by a symbol - which is usually the main focus of the poster. Although this is not the most traditional form of film poster, I feel like it feels very modern and shows lot about the film from the imagery and iconography used. I also like the symbolic meaning behind it.
Another thing which we have picked up from the posters is the sense of surrealism of the posters. They tend to have very contrasted colours and creates a sense of escapism. They posters often look simple yet very detailed at the same time. It is obvious that the creators of the poster has a very obvious intent of what they want to audience to take away from the image and how they want them to feel.