For Sale: Mercury [Hg]

Price: $781

Mercury is very useful in florescent lamps!

Are you a inside Gardner looking for that special something for that florescent lamp? Well mercury has something for you!- it can help create that florescent lamp for you!
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Mercury [Hg] is Awesome

Sure it can be a little toxic or dangerous, but it can quite useful! Just imagine what can be made form mercury! Like barometers, thermostats, florescent lamps, and so much more! The sky's the limit with Mercury!

Mercury is a very fine metal! In fact Mercury was first found in Egypt in around 1500 BC! They treasured Mercury quite a bit! Then the Chinese got Mercury and though that it would promote longevity and help keep one healthy! So everyone today should also treasure Mercury!

Back in the day the ancient Greeks used Mercury in ointments, the Egyptians and Romans used Mercury in cosmetics; though that did deform the subjects a little, but that's besides the point! Many alchemists back then also thought that Mercury was the "First Matter" in which all metals descended from Mercury! Isn't that crazy! Take your chance today and buy some Mercury; maybe you'll go and make yourself a Mercury crown! Mercury isn't everywhere; take this opportunity of a lifetime! You won't regret it!

Mercury is bound to help your life in a variety of ways!