The Rangers Apprentice

Aiden Bernot

Nothing is as it seems

This story is told by Will. First Will will have to become an apprentice to the ranger Halt. As time goes by Will becomes very used to the chores and training Halt is having him do. Now that Will is advancing through the training he will need a mount. Halt takes will to meet a creepy old man who breeds and trains ranger horses. Will quickly realizes that ranger horses are not like regular horses, a ranger horse is trained so that only someone who said a certain word in their ear can ride them. After a while Will and his horse , Tug, grow a strong bond and gain each others trust. Then Will and his friends met up to hang out again. It didn't end well for Will and Horace's friendship. Horace was in a very bad mood because he was being bullied at the battle school. Horace and Will then get into a fight and don't speak to each other for a while. Later, while Will was practicing his tracking skills with Halt, a man jumps out of the woods and tells them that there is a wild boar running wild. This causes Baron Arald and the Battlemaster great joy. On the hunt one knight gets the opportunity to kill the boar. Once that one is dead every one spreads out and chats, but out of the thicket a bigger one charged. Will and Horace kill it with a team effort. Thus giving them a greater friendship then they could have ever had.

John Flanagan

John was raised in Sydney, Australia. At the beginning of his career as a writer he wrote an "unkind" poem about his boss. I presume he got fired from that job rather quickly. He help with a television sitcom called "Hey Dad!". He originally wrote the series as 20 short stories to show his son that not all heroes are big and strong. Now his son is over six feet tall and still loves his dads books. Now John still lives in Australia with his wife Leonie on the Sydney side beach.


There are main conflicts in these stories. The main conflicts are probably the struggle for friendship between Horace and Will and the problem of Morgarath. Morgarath is probably a bigger threat so I have chosen to explain that one. Morgarath was once a trecherous baron of Araluen how attempted a failed rebellion and was driven into barren cliffs. Ever since he has been plotting his revenge against the king. He hires the Skandians, gathers his Wargals , and sets his plan in motion. Luckily for the Araluen there are two new heroes protecting them. Will and Horace. Who against all odds found a way to work things out and defeat Morgarath with luck or a plan.
John Flanagan talks about Ranger's Apprentice