Southern Colony News

Years 1607-1733.


  • Virginia
  • Maryland
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia

Virginia's Parent and Info!!!

  • BREAKING NEWS (1607): A man that goes by the name Captain John Smith has just discover a part of the New World. He named it Virginia. He was coming from a town, Jamestown but he was to late because they could not grow anything.
  • BREAKING NEW (1607 to 1622) : A john Rolf just arrived and he just grew tobacco and he produced 20,000 pounds by the year 1618. He grew more and more over the years even thought he did lose production in 1622. Our beloved Virginia started to bloom with wealth and became strong. Afterwards, he married an Indian from the Powhatan tribe. Her name was Pocahontas.
  • BREAKING NEWS (1610 to 1624): we are just informed that the population of Virginia is now 50,000 people. That is a good amount of people.
  • BREAKING NEWS (1607): they have just made a decision from being in a corporate government they are now a royal government which was called the House of Burgessess . They also established their religion that is known as the Anglican. They have the same beliefs in Christianity.

Maryland's Parent and Info!!!!

  • BREAKING NEWS (1634): we have just met with Lord Baltimore, the founder of Maryland. He led a proprietary colony in search of a land known as Maryland.
  • BREAKING NEWS (1634): Rumors have been gong around that Maryland is a free religion state and that anyone is welcome no matter what religion. They were the first to welcome Catholicism also ( The act of Toleration).
  • BREAKING NEWS: Maryland has become a strong state due to the production of Tobacco. Thanks to this crop, Maryland became a true state for the people of 30,000 (population).
  • BREAKING NEWS: We were just informed that the established government is run by the Proprietary. Those of you that do not know what they do, they were granted to an individual or group by the British crown that they could self-govern themselves.
  • BREAKING NEWS: we asked someone in Maryland who were the Natives that inhabited their state. A man that goes by the name Bob Chillingsworth told us, " well the Chesapeake tribe of course."
  • Well that is the news. signing off!

North carolina's Parent and Info!!!

  • BREAKING NEWS (1653): The founder of NC are known as the Virginians. They were there for economic and religious reasons. They wanted to be able to have their own religious belief and that religion turned out to be the Anglican.
  • BREAKING NEWS: People are happy because they have became wealthy because of the production of rice, Indigo ( a flower) and Naval Stores. Rice was their cash crop.
  • BREAKING NEWS: They are here! The Iroquoian, the Siouan, and the Algonquian tribes! They have inhabited this land!
  • BREAKING NEWS: The Proprietary Government ruled North Carolina. They could self govern themselves only if they were granted by the king.
  • BREAKING NEWS: The population of this state is now 600. That is not a lot compared to other states.

South Carolina's Parent and Info!!!

  • BREAKING NEWS (1663): King Charles II issued a royal charter to eight nobles, known as The Duke of Albermarle, the Earl of Clarendon, Lord John Berkley, Earl of Craven, Sir George carteret, Sir William Berkley, Sir John Carleton, and the Earl of Shaftesbury. from Virginia to go in search of South Carolina, ten years after North Carolina.
  • BREAKING NEWS: South Carolina is just like North Carolina with how they became wealthy because of rice and indigo.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Same Religion as NC. They became Anglican.
  • Basically this place is similar to North Carolina in every way except South Carolina became a more stronger state because it is better and most importantly they opened Naval Stores. That is one reason it is better.
  • BREAKING NEWS: The population has became 1,000. That is more then NC.

Last but not least, Georgia's Parent and Info!!

  • BREAKING NEWS: James Edward Oglethorpe has just found land and called it Georgia. He came on a boat named The Ann. The name of Georgia came from two people known as Henry and Hannah close, they had a baby named Georgia. So that's where the name Georgia came from.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Rice was their main crop that lead them to being successful in their economic structure.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Their Government was ruled by the Royal people.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Population is now 13,258.
  • BREAKING NEWS: This just in, Native American tribe known as the Creek tribe was the one who inhabited land of Georgia.
  • BREAKING NEWS: The states religion is Anglican. They have the right to govern themselves only from approval by the king.