Broken Chain

Gary Soto


Alfonso is the main character in "Broken Chain." He is a boy who wanted too basically look like someone hes not. He wanted to color his hair, purple, into a V. He hated the way he looked. He hated how his teeth were crooked, so he'd push on them til they hurt thinking they will eventually get straight. He just wanted to be better looking than average.

Conflict :

Alfonso went on a ride, he found a kid hanging upside down on the top of a barbed-wire fence, while he was trying to help the kid untangle his pants from the fence, there was girl looking right up at him. It was the kids sister. Alfonso got him off, and walked with both home, he was interesting in the girl, but he didn't know if she'd feel the same thougn , because of his insecurities. They did make a time to go bike riding though, and he did everything he could to make himself look "better"

Shyly, he asked, "You wanna go bike riding?"

"Be grateful for your family and friends."


The story "Broken Chain" is about a boy named alfonso who wanted to look like someone hes not, he wanted to color his hair and get braces, he helped a boy off a fence, and while at it he met this girl he liked, and they were suppose to go on a bike ride but he broke his bike and they just talked from their. :)

Karina Gomez