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Soil Loss

Soil Problems

There was a dust bowl when farmers were planting their crops. When the dust bowl was over a patch of soil was loss due of erosion. The farmers lost about 80% of soil. The farmers conserve the soil through contour plowing and crop rotation.The dust bowl lasted about 4 hours and 10 minutes. If you lived where lots of dust bowls are ''take cover.'' Always have a radio with you to warn you about the dust bowls.

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There was a dust bowl when farmers were planting their crops. There were a loss of a soil of the erosion. They needed water to save their crops from the drought. How they need to save their crops is by using steps that all farmers have to do. Well their conserve of the soil is by the management of soil to prevent destruction. As you can see, this is some things to do when your crops are in a drought.

Contour Plowing

Contour Plowing is a plowing along the contours of the land in order to minimize the contours of the land in order to minimize soil erosion. Contour Plowing follows the contours of hills and slopes. Contour Plowing is usually employed along with strip cropping that is alternating different crops in narrow strips. Denserooted crops planted between how crops further helped to make full use of rainfall.

Conservation Plowing and Crop Rotation

Conservation Plowing is a soil conservation method in which the dead stalks from the previous year's crop are left in the ground to hold the soil in place. It is one of the earliest methods of conservation tillage came to be known as contour plowing, or plowing on the contour, Tilling the soil along the gentle slopes of a piece of crop land instead of up and down the gradient prevents fertile top soil from being carried downhill by flowing rain. Crop Rotation is a systematic approach to deciding which crop to plant where in your vegetable garden from one year to the next. Crop Rotation gives various nutrients to the soil. Crop Rotation is one component of polyculture. Also Crops Rotation mitigates the build-up of pathogens.