May 2016

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Raton Roadrunners Take a Plunge into PARCC

DIY of the Month; Customized Beach Bag/Tote By; Scarlett O

Hello NMVA students, I hope you all have had an amazing school year. I wanted to end the year with a fun summer project that you can do on backpacks, totes, or even clothes, but today’s DIY I did specifically was a DIY Customized Tote. This is such a fun, easy project that anyone, and yes boys you can do it too.

The items listed are what I used, you do not have to follow what I did.

Things you will need:

1 Beach Tote/ and or bag of your choice

3 bottles of Paint (colors of your choice)

1 Stencil of your choice

3 paintbrushes and or sponge brushes.

1 pair of scissors/ and or carving tool


For the dots on my bag, you can use the eraser on a pencil and stick it in paint and imprint it like on mine.

You also can use spray paint if you do not like the wait of actual paint to dry.


1). Firstly, if you are doing it inside, make sure to put newspaper out to help cleanup go faster just in case of paint spill, etc.

2). Next, lay out your supplies. Take a pair of scissors or carving tool to cut out the stencil and place the stencil flatly on the item you are painting.

3). Starting painting. Make sure to not paint outside of the shape, or your shape may look odd.

4). If necessary, paint several layers if the color was sheer. Next, let dry for about an hour, or more.

5). After your design has dried, you can add personal embellishments such as painting your name (like I did on mine) or adding other shapes or sequins onto it.

6). After, ENJOY IT! I hope it adds some fun to your style ;)

That’s all for this school year NMVA Roadrunner Readers. I will miss writing to “you” guys for a while but I hope you all enjoy your summer break and always remember GO ROADRUNNERS!

Until we meet again……..

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Interview by: Marion Balsamo

Emma is a 23 year old freeskier from the deep woods in the western part of Sweden. She did her first International competition in 2009 and since then she has been skiing and living the dream of traveling and competing around the world. She came 5th at her first Olympic games in Sochi 2014 and is now aiming for the next one in PyeongChang 2018. Some of her big wins include; 2015 FIS Overall Slopestyle Champion, 1st place X Games, USA, 2015,
5th place Olympics, Russia, 2014. I was able to get in touch with Emma through Facebook. She answered a few of my questions.

Do you just ski a lot or do you train with goals? I ski because I love it! Even if I wouldn’t compete I would still ski as much as I could. But as competing is such a big part of my ski career right now, it’s normal to think about some certain trick that would help me to do better in comps. But most of the time I learn more things when I’m having fun n’ shredding with my friends.

What's your favorite trick and what trick scares you? My favorite trick is a good ol’ backflip! I love the feeling of popping out and looking back on a big jump. The first second of the trick you only see the sky, and it makes you feel so free! The trick that scares me the most is probably to try a double cork of some sort. But it’s something that I would really like to try one day, it’s all about winning over your fears.

How did it feel to win the aspen x-games last year and how did it feel to win the Freeski World Cup Corvatsch? When I was a kid, X Games was the only comp that I watched, and it was a big part of why I started with slopestyle. So to’ve been able to go there and end up on the top of the podium was really huge for me! A dream come true! To win the WC in Corvatsch was also a huge moment in my life. It was a really tough start field and I didn’t expect to walk away with the win that day. But everything felt really good during my run and when I came to the bottom I felt super happy about what I’d done! Even if I wouldn’t have won that day, I still would’ve been super happy about my performance.

Who is your favorite person to ski with? I’m not sure that I have a favorite person to ski with, that’s kind of the charm with the sport, that you can have fun with anyone who loves skiing just as much as I do!

What is your favorite event? X Games has always been very special to me as it always was a big dream for me to go there!

A True Friend

What is a real friend? A real friend is someone that brings out the best in you, someone that is always there for you no matter what. How do you find a real friend? Well you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, look outside of the box. Look for a friend that you can trust, one that forgives and doesn't hold anything against you. You shouldn't look for someone just like you, a real friend can have different hobbies or likes than you. They can have a different culture than yours, they can be older or younger than you. A real friend doesn't talk bad about behind your back or spread lies about you. You should look for friends that let you be yourself. Real friends learn from each other and they even make one another a better person. Sometimes to find a real friend you have to make a jump for it start a conversation with them. Once you become friends don't just talk about yourself ask them questions and listen, listening is one of the best gifts you can give a friend. To keep a real friendship strong and to keep it growing you have to be loyal, kind, be there for them no matter what, be trustworthy, honest, and listen to them really listen. You are going to meet a lot of people in you life, but it is up to you to choose your friend so choose real friends.

By: Kenya Richardson

Summer Essential Accessories: By: Scarlett O

Hey NMVA roadrunners readers, Scarlett here. For this month’s issue, the theme is summer essentials! Do you have favorite summer essential? I do! Some of my summer essentials are sunglasses, hats, flower crowns/headbands, bracelets and beach bags! For the sunglasses, I really love heart shaped sunglasses, oversized sunglasses, and mirror sunglasses! For hats, I really like boater, bowler, floppy, fedora and straw hats, which all listed are stylish. For my beach bag, I like anything with extra pockets but for my DIY of the Month, I have a way to make your own customized bag. Would you like a similar look that’s affordable for you guys and gals? Click the following links below for some summer style fun!

For girls:


UO Heartbreaker Sunglasses-$16.00


Metal Trimmed: Skylar Sunglasses-$14.00



Floppy: Floral Crochet Floppy Hat-$14.90


Boater: Straw Boater Hat-$14.90


Flower Crowns:

Head Strong Flower Headband-$20.00


Flower Crown Headband-$5.90


Faux Daisy Flower Crown-$3.90


For Boys:


Aviator: Men Classic Aviator Sunglasses-$5.90


Square: Men Browline Sunglasses-$5.90


Mirrored: Mirrored Sunglasses-$5.90



Snapback: Paneled Floral Snapback Hat-$9.90


For more hats, click the following link to pick the one for YOUR style!


I only included a few links because I want YOU all to go out and look for your own style. I posted some example styles of what I like to wear and what I see is in style. I encourage that you all be unique and make your own statement.

I just wanted to thank my amazing mom who modeled a pair of sunglasses for me. Thank you for always being such a supporting, caring mom. Love ya! ;)

Since it is May, I also wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms, grandmas, aunties, cousins or any woman figure in your life who is like a mom to you.

I will surely miss writing for the next couple of months. I hope you all have a fantastic summer full of fun and family and summer memories.

Until next time, GO ROADRUNNERS!

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Take Your Daughter and Sons to Work Day Review: By; Scarlett O

Hey NMVA Roadrunner readers! Scarlett here. This article is a special addition because I wanted to tell you just a bit about “Take Your Daughter and Sons to Work Day” that happened April 28th, 2016.

I hope you all enjoy reading about my day with my dad at his work, which is Sandia National Labs.

First of all, pictures were not allowed on base, which I am super sorry about.

Anyways, there was so many fun experiments. I really loved this one that was based off of molecules from a candy you ate and you would breathe into this breathalyzer machine and the scientist would guess what you were eating. There was also a Static Electricity machine where you could create static currents (that looked like lightning strikes) and I was able to do it with a pencil, fork, metal bar, etc.

After lunch, we went to a “career fair” styled booth area in a building called Steve Schiff. There was so many cool Earth Day inspired stuff, including a multi-purpose item that was made of recycled plastic water bottles. There was also gardening kits, butterfly kits and so many more. I absolutely loved the knowledge I learned about recycling and helping our earth stay preserved for future generations.

We also went to this thing called “Brain Simulation.” It was a 4 part presentation which the people showed us how our brains work and how our brains work in certain situations. In one of the activities, they asked for a volunteer (which I did) so we could see our own brain wavelengths of activity of neurons and it was so cool to see them go up and down depending on what the host of the activity they wanted me to do.

I also got to do a car simulation game where I drove in a real life area and had to obey the speed limits, used my turn singles, use the brake, etc. I did pretty good driving, until they told me the time was up and I crashed, but nobody was hurt.

All in all, I’d give Sandia Labs all 10 stars because they made the activities so interesting and fun.

Hope you enjoyed the special edition for May NMVA Roadrunner Readers. Have a fantastic summer and GOOOOOOO ROADRUNNERS!


Dear Miss. Advice,

All my friends are starting to go on "dates" and my parents won't allow me. However, this boy I like (and he likes me) keeps asking me out. What can I do to not feel so left out in my group of friends and what can I do to have my parent’s approval? Thank you.

~From Miss Dateless

Dear Miss Dateless,

Before I answer your question I will ask you a few questions for you to ask yourself. How old are you? Are you ready to look for a potential marriage mate? Once you get tired of this boy will you find another so you won’t be left out of the ‘fun’? Dating should have an honorable purpose—to help a young man and woman determine if they want to get married to each other. Granted, some of your peers might take a casual view of dating. Perhaps they simply enjoy being with a special friend of the opposite sex, without any intention of marriage. Some might even view such a friend as little more than a trophy or an accessory to be seen with in public to boost their own self-esteem. Often, though, such shallow relationships are short-lived. “Many young ones who date break up with each other a week or two later,” says a girl named Heather. “They come to view relationships as transitory—which in a sense prepares them for divorce rather than for marriage.” Clearly, when you date someone, you’re affecting that person’s feelings. So be sure your intentions are honorable. A youth named Chelsea says: “Part of me wants to say that dating should be just for fun, but it’s no fun when one person is taking it seriously and the other isn’t.” But how do your parents feel, look from their perspective, do you think that the reason they do not want you to date is because they are cruel? Chances are, your answer is different from that of your parent. Or maybe not! You might be among the many youths who are wisely putting off dating until they’re old enough to know themselves better. That’s what Danielle, 17, decided to do. She says: “Thinking back two years ago, what I would have looked for in a potential mate was so different from what I would look for now. Basically, even at this point I don’t trust myself to make such a decision. When I feel that my personality has been stable for a couple of years, then I’ll think about dating.” There’s another reason why waiting is wise. Being pressured to date before you’re ready would be like being forced to take a final exam for a course that you’ve barely started. Obviously, that wouldn’t be fair! You need time to study your subject so that you can become familiar with the kind of problems you’ll face in the test. It’s similar with dating. Dating is no trivial matter. So before you’re ready to focus on one particular person, you need to take time to study a very important “subject”—how to build friendships. Later, when you meet the right person, you’ll be in a better position to build a solid relationship. After all, a good marriage is the union of two good friends.

Important Dates

▪ May 9-13: End of Course Exams

▪May 9-13: 8th Grade Transition Week

  • May 11-13 Senior Finals
  • May 19 Prom
  • May 20 HS graduation

▪ May 20: last day for assignments

▪May 23-25: Semester Finals

▪May 25: Last day for any Make-up Assignments

▪May 27: Finalize Gradebook

▪Week of May 31: kmail report cards


Students contributed to this article in their personal capacity. The views expressed are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of the New Mexico Virtual Academy.