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Kindergarten Registration

Wednesday, March 2nd, 4-7pm

2101 Valley Drive

High Ridge, MO

Do you know anyone entering Kindergarten next year? Please spread the word! Kindergarten registration is set, we will send more information as it gets closer but March will be here before you know it!!!

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Kindergarten Registration

Thursday, March 3rd, 9-11am

2101 Valley Drive

High Ridge, MO

Do you know anyone entering Kindergarten next year? Please spread the word! Kindergarten registration is set, we will send more information as it gets closer but March will be here before you know it!!!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

A New Year!

Welcome back Murphy. We hope that everyone had a wonderful break and took time to enjoy family and friends. The flooding and boil orders were very hard on many families in the Northwest School District and it was amazing to see the community come together and support each other.

We have had so much going on the past few months and we can not wait for you to read about it in our new newsletter!

Opportunity to Meet Parents’ Needs on Late Start Wednesday

We understand that Late Start Wednesdays can be difficult for our families to accommodate with work schedules, so we are adjusting our Lion Care schedule. Starting January 6, 2016, the Northwest R-I School District is opening up the Lion Care facilities at 7:30am on Late Start Wednesdays at no charge. If you need additional information regarding Lion Care, please contact Amanda Santure at 636-671-3470 at extension 14120.

Please take a minute to give us your feedback...

The Northwest School District is seeking your input regarding Communications. The survey will be open January 20th and close on January 31st. The survey link will be posted on FaceBook and on the District Website We hope you find time to make your voice heard. Thank you in advance for your participation

Kindergartners are Leading the Way by Setting Goals!

Kindergarten is learning the importance of setting goals for themselves this quarter and taking great pride in being successful. The month of October found kindergarten students busy working together to meet their classes' reading goal. Students learned how to set a monthly goal for the number of minutes they read during independent reading time. That goal was combined into a class goal. All of the kindergarten classes were very successful in trying to meet their goal for the month. We are also working to increase our reading stamina so we can meet our increased goal for this month.

During our reading time we are also working on our 7 Habits.

Kindergarten is also doing an excellent job setting an attendance goal that they track in their Leadership Binders. They are motivated to work even harder when they track their goal and can see their growth.

Kindergarten students are learning a lot about being future leaders!

Kindergarten Speaker Leaders!

We are working hard in Kindergarten. We are learning to read, write, add, and subtract. In addition to that, we are learning to lead at all school assemblies!

At our monthly all school Leadership Assemblies, we present our monthly reading goals. One student from each class gets chosen to be the Leader Speaker for their class. That Leader Speaker stands in front of the whole school, tells our goals, our plan, and gets to choose a fun cheer for the crowd to do.

Kindergarten teachers are so proud of their students for setting goals and presenting in front of 500 people! Great job Kindergarten!

First Grade Learners!

December came fast and furious in first grade. We completed our iReady reading and math assessments and BAS reading testing. During a very exciting time of year, the students worked very hard to show their best work.

We learned a lot about gingerbread men and learned to describe them as sassy, happy, and delicious! We compared stories to find out what gingerbread men do the same and different. We also looked to see what the author tells us in the writing and what more we learn from the illustrator’s pictures. In math we learned about a new kind of family called Fact Families. These families had us composing and decomposing numbers, writing number sentences, and expanding our math vocabulary. Working with word problems gave us a chance to apply our growing skills to different situations.

In addition to sharpening and expanding our academic skills we had some time to enjoy our annual snowman project. The kids had fun adding their own touches to create a memory to share with their families.

We ended the month with festive winter classroom parties. We thank our room parents and volunteers for making the parties a great success. We left for winter break excited to know that we were halfway through the 1st Grade!

First Grade - We are LION Leaders!

First Graders have been very busy learning leadership skills. They have taken responsibility for their Leadership Binders, behavior choices, and reading minutes. Students are also learning and modeling the 7 Habits.

First grade classes enjoyed a field trip to the High Ridge Library and the High Ridge Fire Department. It was a huge success! Did you know that the library now offers fitness kits for students and adults? These are absolutely free of charge!

All first grade students are expected to read each night for a minimum of 10 minutes each night. (Monday –Friday = a minimum of 50 minutes per week)

Be a leader and do your part to help your class meet the monthly reading goals!

Readers are Leaders!

In Mrs.Gebel’s reading classroom, all students have a leadership role. Students are displaying “Leader In Me” qualities in and out of the classroom.

This Fall we had an eventful reading night in the new library. Students and family members participated in crafts and reading activities. Also, we had an engaging storyteller for all to enjoy.

Continue to practice reading at home ten to twenty minutes every day. Try these strategies while you’re reading at home. Have your child make predictions about what will happen next in the story. Help your child make connections between what they read and similar experiences in their own life.

Second Graders Hard at Work!

Second Grade has been busy! The students have shown true leadership in our school wide service project this year. Each week one of the four Second Grade classes took on the responsibility to gather the items from each grade level and help pack the boxes, in order to get the canned goods and toiletries ready to donate to the Ladies of Charity and the Northwest Community Closet. The students really did a fantastic job! It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Academically, we have been working hard on learning our math facts through Rocket Math. Each student tracks their progress and strives to move to the next level by completing a determined number of facts within one minute. They really are showing their ability to be proactive in their learning and seem to enjoy the challenge!

Keep up the great work Second Grade!!

Third Grade is on a Mission

Third grade classes created their class mission statement. Each day the students are reminded of the class mission statement and encouraged to follow it. Each third grader then created their own personal mission statement based on the qualities of individuals that inspire them. Some of these personal mission statements are displayed in the hallway.

Mrs. Schuermeyer’s class put “Habit 2” into practice by creating a plan starting with the “End in Mind” to help them pass those weekly timed multiplication tests.

Third grade enjoyed their field trip to the Magic House. They learned about U.S. symbols and participated in a mock trial. The mock trial helped them understand how our Judicial Branch works.

4th Grade Happenings

This has been a busy month for 4th grade! We have concluded working on our Famous Missourian reports and bottles. Everyone did a wonderful job and all the bottles look great! Stop by our hall and check them out! We have been working really hard each month to meet our reading and attendance goals and have been very successful! Mrs. Barnard’s class has earned the best building attendance award for 2 months in a row!

We also said, “Good bye,” to Mr. Spike Prickles. He was Mrs. Meinhardt’s class pet hedgehog and he passed away after five full years. He has been to many homes over the years and he had many exciting adventures. He will be missed.

Read, Right, Run!

Our Read, Right, Run group is almost halfway through our program. Part of what we do is good deeds. We have been collecting hats, gloves, and blankets for the homeless since October and I am pleased to report that we have collected over 100 items so far! In addition, we did a book drive in December for Friends of Kids with Cancer and were able to collect 65 books! That is pretty amazing since there are 50 children in this group! Congratulations Murphy Read, Right, Run!

Fifth Graders Synergize

The fifth grade students have been really busy exercising leadership skills throughout the building. They have exhibited these skills by being role models for the other students in the building to look up to for guidance. Some of our highlights this month have been getting together with our buddy classes to “sharpen the saw”, synergizing to complete tasks, and being proactive in preparing for our common assessments. We were also excited to see our friend, Mr. Lucas, recognized in The Leader. Mr. Lucas has been generous with his time in teaching our students about stamps and the history that accompanies them. We always enjoy his knowledge. The 5th grade teachers feel very fortunate this year to have such respectful, responsible, honest, and caring students.

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