Dean Heller

United States Senator from Nevada


Dean Heller was born May 10, 1960, making him 53 years old. He was born in Castro Valley, California. He the moved to Carson City and graduated from Carson High School. After high school he attended the University of Southern California, here he earned his bachelor of business administration. While he was there he was a member of the Sigma Nu social fraternity. Before politics he worked as a stockbroker.

He serves as the junior United States Senator from Nevada. Heller is a member of the Republican Party. He ran in the 2012 election for the United States Senate. He won the election on November 7, 2012 and will serve his spot until January 2019. Previous to this he was a member of: The U.S. House of Representatives from Nevada's 2nd district, 15th Secretary of State of Nevada, and a Member of the Nevada Assembly. Dean Heller is a very very strong Republican, voting 100% towards the conservative side of things

Keystone Pipeline Opinion

As far as the Keystone XL Pipeline goes Dean Heller is for it. He is mad that Obama's administration voted against it, and he thinks it will create a lot of jobs and lower gas prices, proving to be good for all Americans. Heller thinks "the President needs to focus on a sound energy policy that promotes job growth"

Minimum Wage Opinion

The democrats are pushing for minimum wage to be increased from $7.25 to $10.10 over the course of three years. Republicans, including Dean Heller, believe this is a poor idea. The jump in minimum wage will create less job opportunities by making small businesses go out of business. Republicans argue that the best way to spread the wealth is to create more of it by easing federal regulations and taxes.


Dean Heller won't be up for reelection until January 2019, so he really isn't worried about these current political issues effecting him in the next election. Firmly holding his ground for what he believes as far as these issues concern is the best idea.

Dean Heller