Heroes Who are Unstoppable

By: Ashley Sanchez


Perseverance is doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Also that even if there's hard times you'll be able to achieve whatever you want, but with determination. These people in this newsletter are examples of people who persevered through there acceptance and goals. The purpose of this newsletter is that people should be inspired and to not let others determinate on your decisions. What can be learned from this is that even if there's good times or bad times there's always a chance of being successful and being triumphant.


This story is about how there was a girl named Oyuna and wanted to ride a horse at a festival race, but she supposedly had bad luck but also had a hurt foot. That stopped her on what she wanted to do all her life. She wanted to win because if she were to win she would bring good luck to her family so that her curse would be released. She also had difficulties with her family all her life, this was because of the communities leader who came and raided the villages. They took most of her family and didn't have help on succeeding what she has been waiting for her whole life. She was really different and nobody really accepted her and it she was effected because of that. So she knew that it was her chance to show that she can do what others can. Then she knew she can win and she did with all her determination she was happy all her life on what she learned.
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This person has done a lot for her community, but there was many problems while doing that. It started while she was a bit young she was eighteen and wanted to help others with diseases and peoples overall health. She wanted to do so... but in her community they don't have good supplies or medicine for that to be accomplished. So she decided to sell things that fundraised for her to make or build a new and improved hospital. After she did she was able to conquer those problems in her community. Many people thanked her for doing so and work off on what she had.

Jackie Robinson

Many people love playing baseball like Jackie Robinson, but that was intervened with many problems. His career started when Branch Rickey wanted to break the color barrier in major league baseball. Also when he saw the Jackie was a good player he knew he could trust him in his actions. He showed that he had perseverance by even telling Rickey aloud that he had the courage to play and would ignore the people who impacted him, in a wrong way. That's another reason, that Jackie shouldn't ignore and space out everyone but he should change the way people see him. So it can stop and a lesson can be learned from preceding your goal.