Miller Elementary Weekly Update

November 13, 2022

Mrs. Goodman's Message

Hello Miller Families!

It's hard to believe that the snowflakes have started to fly and our upcoming winter season is just about here! I was saying the other day that we were very fortunate to have warm, sunny days through mid-November, and for that, I'm grateful!

This is that time of year that we want to remind families that we continue to go outside for both outdoor recesses if the feels like temperature is above 20 degrees and we will go outside for a shorter time if the feels like the temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees. Please make sure your child has a warm jacket, hat, gloves, and snow gear (if needed). It's especially important to LABEL your child's belongings since many hats, gloves, and jackets look alike. Very soon, we will be teaching your child how to independently put on all their gear before heading outside. We will share a printable poster for you to use at home so you can find the same success too!

Finally, please check your child's bookbag for extra clothes and switch items to winter clothing. We strongly encourage extra socks and pants as these items get wet frequently when playing outside. Accidents, spills, and wet clothes happen all the time and we are running low on our extra clothes at Miller. If your child has to borrow clothes, please send the items back to school washed at your earliest convenience. THANK YOU!

As a reminder, we have Picture Re-Take day Monday, November 14th! If your child has not had their picture taken, you can fill out the form sent home or use the link below. If your child is getting retakes, you need to send back the entire package and they will re-order the same package with the new retake photograph. Please see all the important links below.

This newsletter will serve families through our upcoming Thanksgiving Break, Wednesday, November 23rd through Sunday, November 27th. We hope your family has a restful break and you get to enjoy some yummy food with family or friends! I am very thankful to be with all our Miller children, staff, and families each and every day!

Happy Fall and Happy Thanksgiving!

Maria Goodman

Miller Elementary School - Principal



Dismissal and Parking Lot Reminders

We want to give another important reminder about the safety in our parking lot and dismissal area. As you know, our parking is very limited. Please try to find a space that will not block others as well as we need to save our handicap-accessible spaces for those with the correct signs. If there is a space open, please use these first in lieu of creating unmarked spots.

Our afternoon dismissal is growing to be problematic so here are some important reminders:

Preschool Dismissal is first at 3:20 PM

Kindergarten Dismissal is second at 3:30 PM

We created the 10-minute delay so we could clear out one group of children and then move to the next group to ensure safe reunification.

Once we have released your child to you, it is best to clear the dismissal area so we can see other families arriving for dismissal and ensure a safe transfer from school to the caregiver. Our front steps, walkway, and grassy areas are not suited as a play area. There is a lot of traffic and commotion with arrival and dismissal and we don't want to see any accidental injuries.

Please remember this is for the safety of our children and families! Thank you for your cooperation!

Preschool Applications for 23-24

Miller Elementary is currently accepting applications for those interested in having your child be a part of our special education preschool program for 2023-2024 as a role model peer. Applications will be available beginning November 1st, 2022 at the Miller Elementary School Main Office and online at our website, All forms must be returned by Wednesday, November 30th, 2022. Children must be 3 years of age and potty trained by August 1st, 2023. Please call Miller Elementary at 330-562-6199 if you have any questions. Thanks!
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Nurse Update: Cold, Flu, COVID, & RSV

As you are aware, the current cold, flu, COVID, and RSV season has started out pretty unique in Northeast Ohio. We continue to stress the importance of good hygiene, handwashing, and proper sneeze/cough etiquette. Our youngest children are still developing skills to properly cover their cough and how to use tissues. We want to stress the importance of letting your child rest and recuperate when they are ill or showing symptoms.

Here are some important reminders to ensure the safety of our school community each day:

  • Check your child each day for illness symptoms. If they begin to feel ill during the day, please know our school nurse, Jackie Pawlowski, will assess your child and make contact with a family member when necessary.
  • Students sent home with a fever, may not return to school until they are fever free without medication for at least 24 hours. This means if your child was sent home on Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. with a fever, he/she may not return to school until Thursday. If your child does return the next day, our school will be calling for you to come and pick him/her up. Please help to support our efforts in this area. This also is the protocol if your child is vomiting. They need to be vomit free for 24 hours to return to school.
  • We will send a Final Forms notification if there is a communicable disease reported in your child's classroom. This can help you monitor your own child and make informed decisions about symptoms.
  • Please make sure your Final Forms medical information is up to date. We will closely read the health section to address any medical concerns.

Finally, please make sure your child has extra clothes in his/her backpack. Accidents and spills happen all the time and they often prefer to have their own clothes instead of wearing our spare clothes.
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School Counselor Updates: Mrs. Ambrosia

Greetings Families! Over the past several weeks, you may have heard your child talking more about feelings or emotions. I have visited your student’s classroom to introduce the ZONES of Regulation. So far, the Kindergarten students understand that feelings are not something you can carry in your pocket or your hand, but rather something you can feel in your heart and mind. They’re also experts on identifying feelings in the blue and green zones. We have also been focusing on the idea that all feelings are okay, and there is no one feeling that is the “correct” feeling. If you hear your Kindergartener say that they’re in the blue or green zone, now you’ll understand why! The links below will help you understand how the ZONES of Regulation program is organized.

ZONES of Regulation

ZONES of Regulation Chart

Mrs. Lindsey Ambrosia

School Counselor

Miller Elementary School

330.562.6199, ext. 5414

Important Dates and Events

Monday, 11/14 - Miller Picture Retake Day

Wed. 11/23- Sun. 11/27 - No School- Thanksgiving Break

Monday, 11/28 - Aurora BOE Meeting @ 7:00 PM C&I Building

Thursday 12/8 and Friday 12/9 - PTO Holiday Shop

Wednesday, 12/21 - Winter Party

Thursday, 12/22 - Tuesday, 1/3 - Winter Break

Wednesday 1/4 - School Resumes

School Wide PBIS Skill of the Week

We have finished explicitly teaching all 9 of our school wide PBIS expectations! These skills have been taught and practiced during the first 9 weeks of the school year so that your children can become responsible, respectful, and problem solvers throughout their school day. It's important to remember that many of these skills will need continued practice and repetition so that they become more automatic. We will continue to take notice of areas of strength and areas we need to practice throughout our school day. Here is a reminder of the big ideas that we have been working on.

  • I can use walking feet!
  • I can have a safe body!
  • I am ready to learn!
  • I can share, take turns and wait!
  • I can stop, think and do the right thing!
  • I can listen and follow directions right away!
  • I can clean up!
  • I can be a good friend and use kind words!
  • I can be a good role model and worry about myself!

We will continue to earn Greenmen Proud Poms and celebrate our great choices. As soon as we fill up our classroom buckets and school wide buckets, we will enjoy some fun rewards! Please let us know if you need any support at home reinforcing any of these skills across other settings at home or in other settings.

Reporting Absences

There will be times when your child is ill or needs to miss school due to appointments.

We ask that you call Miller School at 330-562-6199 to either speak with Vicki Wolf or leave a message. Please share your child's first name, last name, teacher, and the reason for the absence. If they are going to an appointment, please ask for a doctor's note to have on file here at school. Thank you!

If your family will have a planned absence due to an event or vacation, you will need to fill out a planned absence form for our schools. Please send in a note requesting this form as soon as you know your anticipated date.

If your child is experiencing illness symptoms and you have questions for our school nurse, Jackie Pawlowski, you may call 330-954-2286. She can help answer any questions.

Important PTO Information

1. Thank you to all our volunteers who helped with our Book Fair this week! And thank you to our chairs, Erin Toler, Neha Gupta, and Samantha Nelson, who worked so hard to plan and coordinate the Book Fair!

2. The Giving Tree - Permission slips were sent home last week and must be completed if you would like your child to participate. Below is a copy in case you did not receive it. The letter states that permission slips were due November 9; however, we will still accept them until November 16 (when children will pick tags). If you choose to participate, gifts must be brought to school by December 1.

Thank you to our chairs, Kristi Kline and Jen Johnson, for coordinating the project this year. They did a wonderful job decorating the bulletin board!

3. Thursday, December 8 - Friday, December 9 - Miller's Holiday Shop

More information coming soon! Thank you to our chairs, Samantha Nelson and Kate Nixon, for planning this!

4. Wednesday, December 21 - Winter Festival classroom parties (more info coming soon)

Kindergarten AM & Pre-K AM - 10:30am-11:15am

Kindergarten Full Day/PM & Pre-K PM - 2:30pm-3:15pm

5.Save the dates for AEPTO winter family fun events!!

Saturday, January 28, 2023 - Join us for a family night at the Cleveland Monsters Hockey game! Please see the attached flyer for more details. Additional information will be sent out later.

Thursday, February 16, 2023 - Join us for a family night at Kalahari indoor water park! Please see the attached flyer for more details.

Upcoming Events

11/14 - Miller Picture Retake Day

11/23-11/25 - No School, Thanksgiving Break

12/8-12/9 - Miller's Holiday Shop (more info to come)

12/21 - Winter Festival Class Parties (more info to come)

12/22-1/3 - No School, Winter Break

1/4 - AEPTO Meeting at 10:00am in the C&I Building

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Jen Borman


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Important Updates from our Superintendent Mike Roberto