Let's Make Education PERSONAL!

Especially in the Special Education Classroom

So, Why Should I Invest Time into Implementing Tech in the SpEd Classroom?

Every kid deserves the chance to learn, grow, explore, make mistakes, succeed, engage, interact, and fully live life. Every child has that potential - no matter how severe his or her needs may seem. By implementing technology in the special education classroom, we can eliminate "mechanical" barriers.

We can actually engage our children in learning by giving them the opportunity to innovate and discover things on their own. Technology gives teachers the potential to design a classroom in a way that each and every child can have a curriculum that is tailored to them through technology.

In our world today, hundreds and thousands of apps and technologies exist - it is OUR job to act. There is absolutely no excuse for a teacher to not implement personal learning plans for each student as the resources are so plentiful. Teachers must sit down with the parents of each special needs child and discuss what technologies and goals are best for him or her. This way, the child can succeed and not be held back by meaningless issues like not being able to hold a pencil or not being able to speak.

The implementation of UDL and technology in the classroom has the potential to change the world today. So, its our turn. Let's be the change. Let our kids THRIVE.

Technology CAN Change the World - if We Put in the Effort!