Weekly Tech News

January 19, 2017

Rescheduled JOTs/ Cancelled Playground Sessions

With the delays and cancellations, there have been several rescheduled sessions this month. I've completed the JOT session with WL and SR High staff, but AE and JR High Staff have been rescheduled for future dates. Those dates are:

1/25 JR High

1/30 AE

Due to the rescheduled dates primarily taking the place of the playground session dates, I will be cancelling all playground sessions for this month. If you have any questions regarding Quicktime, send me an email and I'd be happy to work with you one on one.

JOT Attendance

During a JOT session this week, I was asked about attendance. So I wanted to take this time to communicate to everyone how I am currently taking attendance for JOT sessions.

Each JOT has a "task" associated with it that I use to take attendance. I've asked you to tweet, sign up for a BreakoutEDU room, and, with the most recent JOT, email me a set of videos. The 3D session was the only one where I wrote down the names of individuals in the room. For some of us, this can prove to be an issue because you were present but did not complete the task used for attendance. Fear not! I plan on sending out my spreadsheet towards the end of the year, so you can check it for discrepancies.

That being said, I do want to remind everyone that JOT sessions are REQUIRED each month. I know that there are absences due to other meetings, days off, and illness, but I've noticed some staff members are simply not attending. A majority of the things I share/demonstrate are tools that could be of value to you, if you give them a chance.

The JRSR high does have a benefit that the elementary buildings currently do not. If you miss a JR or SR high session, you are always welcome to attend the other building's session. Typically, they are very similar. Like I said before, I know we have other morning responsibilities, so I hope this extra option is helpful to some.

Tech Tips from the WL Tech Team

Over the past few weeks, the tech team has been using their new iPads and have discovered some wonderful things that may benefit you too. They may not work for everyone, but they worked for several of us.

1. Apps (usually ones created by Apple) were not opening or would ask for an Apple ID that did not work.

Solution: A student discovered that if you open the App Portal app, you can find the non-working apps and install them. Several students couldn't use iMovie, but after clicking the install button from the App Portal, they could.

2. Students (and teachers) couldn't record their iPad screen by connecting to a laptop and using Quicktime.

Solution: The iPad now has this feature built in!

Settings> Control Center> Customize Controls> Green Plus next to Screen Recording

These steps add a recording button to the control center (the screen that appears when you swipe up from the bottom of the iPad screen). If you simply click the button, it will recored WITHOUT audio, but if you long click the button (hold it for a short time) it will give you the option to turn on your microphone. After recording has started, press the button again to stop recording. When the recording is finished, it saves into your Photos app.

Note: This feature ONLY appears if the iPad's software is fully up to date. To update the iPad:

Settings>General> Software Update> IOS 11.2.2 is the newest version

As always, feel free to email me any questions or concerns!