Of Mice & Men

By John Steinbeck

Of Mice & Men By: John Steinbeck (Marley)

The story is about two friends named Lennie & George. They had a rough life at first, but they then found a place of work at Curley's place. Then when they started to work there they then realized that it was not what they thought it to be, but later they then thought they could make a good living from the job that they had and they stuck with it until Lennie's big mistake in the end of the book when he killed Curley's wife and everyone else was "on the hunt" for Lennie until George kills him in the end of the book.

John Steinbeck creates the theme of The American Dream through Lennie and George’s adventures and experiences, and their dream together for their future together, and what they do to get their American Dream (Marley)

John Steinbeck creates the theme of The American Dream by pushing them through the story with their wish together of The American Dream and their thought of getting there together. If they had not done this together the story would have been nothing because if they weren't together then their adventures

Our Topic: (Marley)

The topic that Jimmy and I chose was the American Dream. The reason that we choose this topic was because we wanted a challenge that we could manage and also that was not to hard, so that we could manage it. That is the reason that we choose it is because it is not to hard and not to easy at the same time. We wanted a challenge that we were able to manage so that is why we choose this topic because it was "just right".

Textural Evidence For The American Dream (Marley)

Pages 56-58: These are the pages are the pages that Lennie and George begin talking about their house that they want to live in together for their version of the American Dream. They spend a whole lot of their free time talking about their American Dream house and especially Lennie is fixated on the rabbits. I think that is what keeps Lennie going through the journey is the rabbits and being able to go through all that they have gone through together. The rabbits and the puppies keep him going through the story together, until it all came crashing down in the end of the book when George murdered Lennie. Personally I am not distraught about the ending of this book because i was just like they did to Candy's dog, they murdered/put it down because it would have been painful for it to live any longer. It would have been rough and hard for Lennie to move on with the fact that he accidentally killed somebody, because he never met no true harm, he just was scared and he did not know what to do in that time and moment so he panicked.

How Does The Theme Create A Strong Story? (Marley)

The theme in this book that we choose was the American Dream. John Steinbeck creates a strong theme of the American Dream by pushing Lennie and George through their journey together as friends and closest partners. If they had not been together throughout the story the story would have never been any good, if there even was a story... If John Steinbeck had not done that then they would have never been together therefore there would have been no story to begin with, but if there was a story there would be no point. The theme of the American Dream is carried throughout the book as they constantly talk about their house and their rabbits and dogs.


In the book Of mice and men, John Steinbeck creates an amazing story about two guys named George and Lennie. This book is about how they find jobs farming to make a living and eventually get a place of their own.Both lennie and george are very close, and they are But the story takes a bad turn when george shoot in lennie's head.


Topic sentence: We will be talking about how the american dream is a strong topic for Of mice and men story


What if lennie had not killed Curley's wife or the dog, that would have changed the story’s ending. And if the story was told in the perspective of lennie things would have been different, George wouldn't have had to shoot him.

Jimmy A

THe overall theme is the American Dream, examples that show this is "Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world. They got no family. They don't belong no place. They come to a ranch an' work up a stake and then they go inta town and blow their stake, and the first thing you know they're poundin' their tail on some other ranch. They ain't got nothing to look ahead to." (page 113)This is just one example but there are many more where that came from.

Jimmy B

The answer is that many of the characters wish for a better life therefore wanting the american dream. This shows that everyone wants the american dream but nobody can achieve that dream.

Jimmy C

This story illustrate the topic by showing a picture by giving specific details that will symbolism events in the story, using these skills can bring an image to the reader therefore puting an inage in the readers heads.