How likely can people steal


How likely can people steal your data/computer?

People can steal your data/computer from anywhere and hack it easily. E.g if you leave your profile open in Facebook and let everyone see it they can copy the same picture as you put that as their profile picture and they can ask your friends to meet up with he/she and can kidnap and do many other things. You have to keep your gmail safe and lock it meaning sign out otherwise someone can login to the same laptop/computer and they will have your gmail open and do many things. They can ask people to meet up again and tell them to do bad things and blackmail them. Ask them where they live, which school they go to, parents name, teachers name, friends name etc. They can do these kinda things I. Other social networking sites as well so you have to be careful with them as well.

How to protect yourself from it?

Creat another user, so one can be for business maybe and another one for personal emails. Make a tough password which no one will know and don't make an account that contains both your name and birth date.Dont use more then one credit card online and also when you are buying something on the internet make sure it is a company you know. Secure your personal data.If possible click the logos to confirm they are genuine. If people are threatening you don't be afraid to report or block them. All the social networking sites you have to privacy settings and make it private and when's people are tagging you in some pictures maybe do something that makes it ask you if you want it or not and also make it so people can't see what kinda friends you have and your biography.