Global Climate Change

And global warming.

What is global warming and global climate change

Global warming is a build up emissions in the atmosphere that traps heat in the atmosphere. Global climate change is the change in average temperature all over the entire world. Global warming and global climate change are when greenhouse gasses (such as CO2 and CH4 ) trap in the heat energy coming from the sun and cause changes around the world.

What causes global warming and global climate change.

Global warming is caused by greenhouse gasses trapping heat into the worlds atmosphere. Greenhouse gasses are causes by emission build up in the atmosphere, such as animal let off, car fumes, factory burn off and also many natural causes.

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Why should I be concerned about global climate change?

Global climate change is very concerning to many people. Many people are worried about it because it is causing sea levels to rise because of melting glaciers and it is slowly taking over more and more land. It also has effects such as storms get bigger (heat rising causes atmosphere to hold more moister), seasons could get shorter and or longer, also it could cause lack of human needs such as food.

What could you do to prevent global climate change?

There are many every day life hacks to prevent global climate change( erase your carbon footprint ). Some are trying to ride something without emissions such as a bike scooter or skateboard, instead of car, truck or motorcycle. Another couple easy ways to prevent global climate change is to recycle, use fluorescent light bulbs and grow more food of you own.