From the Desk of Kim Thompson

Silverdale Baptist Academy

Elementary Scripture Challenge 2015-2016

Every year we challenge our students and families with developing the spiritual discipline of a daily devotional time. We desire for our students to build this habit into their lives. Of course, this is a habit that has to be developed mainly through the example of the home. This year we would like to continue to challenge our families to have a family devotional time through the website CBH (Children's Bible Hour). They have a wonderful program called "Keys for Kids". This website offers a daily devotional for kids and families and allows you to choose a variety of ways to obtain the material. You can simply open to the site and read the devotion directly from the page, request monthly booklets by mail or by email, download the month's devotionals in a PDF form, or listen to the audio version of each daily devotion.

1. As you complete each month's daily devotionals, you and your child will fill out the monthly devotional calendar. You can find this calendar on our Parent Portal. This calendar should be turned in to your child's teacher on the 1st of each month beginning with the month of September.

2. Students who successfully finish the devotionals for each month of school (September-April) will be honored during our Awards Day ceremony at the end of the year.

3. Third Grade has, for years, used "Keys for Kids" and they will continue to do so. If Third Graders complete the entire monthly sheet, they will also be eligible for the Scripture Reader Award.

4. Please log onto this site for your "Keys for Kids"

If you have any questions please email Ellen Rogers at

Thank you.

Kim Thompson
Elementary Principal