Social Officer President

Jalia Butler, GPA: 2.6, Position: Social Officer President

About Me

I'm The 2015 Miss Jr. Teen DFW, I was the president for the 2015-2016 Line of The Sapphires and have overcame a lot with the Sapphires. I was able to grow a passion for dance gain a respect for the Art of Dance. When I started a year ago I had no clue what to expect, I didnt know weather I was going to fail or succed so I just went for it. So this 2016-2017 School year I challange the new Sapphires to try new things because I'm here for you (Social Officer President Or Not).

New Team Lock-in

Saturday, May 7th, 6pm to Saturday, Aug. 27th, 10am

1350 Eagle Boulevard

Haslet, TX

This is a time for the team to bond and connect with one another. There would be varies of games from bonding games; knee to knee, crossing the line and more.

And there would be fun games like shipwreak, stormchasers and the hula hoop game. In the end this will make the team connceted not only in a team way but in a "real life" type of way.

Team Outting #1

Friday, Aug. 26th, 12pm


This team outing will be surronded on making the Rookies feel apart of the team. Well Play Games, Talk and EAT! This is a time to cool down before the year gets started and we become really busy.

Team Outting #2- Competition Kick Off

Friday, Feb. 3rd 2017 at 4pm


This is the time to work hard so the Sapphires would take a relaxing trip to a restaurant and be seated with someone they haven't spoken to or made a connection with yet. We will talk eat and make the best of the night before we get busy.

Football Season Gifts

  1. CAMP GIFT: Clay Boot with Candy. The Art teacher had clay molds of the drill team boots and is dying to use them! At the first game we can give the team a clay boot with candies in them and their names on them!
  2. First Game we will award the team for its hard wor though a cake shaped a boot and "Sapphires" written on it
  3. During Forthcoming we can gift the girls with a customized hanger with their name on it and candy!
  4. The last game is the hardest game so the last game we will give the team a bag of candies and stuff to prep for the competiton and/or the Trip to New York!

Opposing Team Gifts

  1. An announcement board: The board would go in a common area so that the opposings team director can write announcements on the board!
  2. GOOD LUCK candies. Each member of the team will be gifted the gift of a chocolate bar with a wrapper stating "Good Luck!"
  3. A Custom Team Chapsticks along with stuff for the team to put in their locker room: White shoe polish, razors, hair ties, booby pins, etc.



Jalia Butler for Social Officer President


Q: What was something that the Social Officers did this year that you loved? Why?

A: I like the team parties and dinners it connected the team. And it made a sisterhood.

Q: What is something they did that we could do without?

A: We could do without Valentine's Day and Halloween parties that we hosted.

Q: What Social Officer impressed you the most this year? Why?

A: The Social Officer that impressed me the most this year was Shyanne. I think she has been an all around team player and dedicated to her team and social officer position.

Q: Should we have a social media manager to update our instagram and facebook? Why or why not?

A: I think that the historian should be in charge of the social media because they are supposed to document the teams experiences. It maybe a good idea for the social officers to collaborate with the historian to ensure information is updated as needed.