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Find Public Arrest Records In Florida

Florida, a state where you can do a history investigation on somebody to know if they got engaged or been accused of a crime. People from Florida do these for security precautions, particularly when selecting babysitter or new caretakers, or their new next-door-neighbor, the occupant in a rental business, or even a new love interest. They're allowed to search Florida arrest records online, and there's no reason not to do it.

A criminal record is a written record of a person who commits the unlawful act. The criminal data collected is organized from local division and state jurisdictions as well as case tribunal, the court of appeals in the county and state correctional department.

Unlike other states, Florida's felonious report is made accessible to the public via online document collections which can be accessed within various courts, police offices, and the official Florida State Records online database.

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Florida Convicted Felon Search

The Florida criminal document manifests data of the following:

- Arrest Record - It's a record of defendants brought into custody or investigated by the law enforcement agency. A speculated offender is classified into three levels namely felonies, misdemeanor, and infractions.

- Arrest Warrant - An arrest warrant is an order from the court ordering for the capture of a person of interest. A warrant also empowered the authority to examine the residence, job or property of the suspected person.

- Misdemeanor - A violation that is deemed less severe than a felony is called a misdemeanor, and though they are viewed less serious than felonies, misdemeanors are still punishable by imprisonment and fines. A first to second-degree misconduct is punishable by up to one-year imprisonment and penalty of up to $1000.

- Felony - Is a criminal condemnation that is punishable by serving in jail for one year or more, including additional fines and penalties depending on the offense. Most severe felony offenses involve murder in the first degree which is punishable by life imprisonment or a death sentence. Second-Degree murder is charged with 10 years in prison or 25 years if there's a firearm used and a maximum of life arrest.

- Sex Offender - People who commit sex crimes like rape, abuse, and molestation are listed publicly.

- Traffic violations such as serious bodily injuries, destruction to property, and various minor traffic infringements are subjected to fines and penalties depending on the severity of the crime. Imprisonment is also possible.

Florida also possesses a record of prisoners that can be searched by the public online. The database includes the inmates' names, the imprisonment period, supposed discharge date, and the sentenced crime.

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Sites to Find Florida Arrest Criminal Records

Finding criminal records in Florida online where you can search for the misdemeanor and felony of the person that you want to look up into is available in many different sites.


It is an online portal where you can search for somebody who may have engaged in crimes or anybody that is potential to crime on their website. Completely enter the name and the location of the person that you want to do a background check. If that person has a criminal history, an arrest report will confer. The criminal record bears biographical data such as the suspect's age, criminal disposition, fine compensation, criminal punishment, trial, and additional detention.


It gives you immediate access to Florida state county and public records. The site provides the residents of Florida the tools to obtain unrestricted documents, Florida criminal reports, Florida court records, Florida vital records, and Florida state background checks. Just like other sites, fill up the first name and the last name of the person you're doing a history check and the city they are living.


It allows you to search for public records by providing the party's name, whether it is a person or a business firm.

The location: county, circuit, or region.

The document type: court paper, death certificate, marriage record, and criminal record. You may also get asked to provide the date for a more precise search.