A World Lost in War

Religion in Palestine

The religion of Palestine is Muslim. 93% of Palestinians are Muslim, the vast majority of whom are followers of the sunni branch of Islam, with a small minority of Ahmadiyya. Palestinia Christians represent a significant minority of 6%, followed by much smaller religious communities, including Druze and Samarittans.

Famous places

  • The Mar Saba Monastery, in the Judean desert
  • The Belameh, in Jenin
  • The Hebron souk, in Hebron
  • The Hisham's Palace, in Jericho
  • The Khan El- Umdan, in Akka
  • The Hammam ash- In Shifa, Nablus
  • Deir Ghassaneh, In Ramallah
  • The Abraham Mosque, In Hebron
  • The church of the Nativity, in Bethlehem
  • The Haram as- in Sharif, Jerusalem
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Palestinian music

Size of Palestine

Palestine is 2,402 miles squared, or about 6,220 km squared

Population of Palestine

In 2014, there was a population of about 4.4 million people

The Biggest City

The biggest city in Palestine is the Gaza City