propane is non-renewable

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where is propane found?

Propane is usually found mixed with deposits of natural gas and petroleum underground. Propane comes from natural gas and petroleum wells.

How does it work to produce energy for individuals and whole groups or communities?

Propane is used by homes, farms, and businesses—mostly for heating. It is also used as a transportation fuel. homes- propane is mostly used in rural areas that do not have natural gas service. Homes use propane for heating, hot water, cooking, and clothes drying. Many families have barbecue grills fueled by propane gas.ƒ Farms-About 40 percent of America’s farms rely on propane. Farmers use propane to dry crops, power tractors, and heat greenhouses and chicken coops.ƒ Businesses-office buildings, laundromats, fast-food restaurants, and grocery stores—use propane for heating and cooking.

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are there products created or other uses for this energy?

Raw natural gas is about 90 percent methane, five percent propane, and five percent other gases. The propane is separated from the other gases at a natural gas processing plant. propane is the most important. Since the U.S. imports half of the petroleum we use, much of the propane is separated from this imported oil. half of the propane used in the United States comes from raw natural gas. Propane provides the U.S. with less than two percent of its energy.

who uses it now?

The United States uses more propane gas than any other country in

the world. Propane supplies 1.6 percent of our total energy needs

and ranks as the seventh most important energy source.

About 90 percent of the propane used in this country is produced

in the United States from petroleum and natural gas but, since we

import half of the petroleum we use, more than 20 percent of the

propane we produce here is made from imported fuel.

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