Wonderful Package Trip

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Tunica, Mississippi

This is one of the most exciting places to be.You can eat some of the most wonderful southren food.Catfish out in the nice sun.and visit some of the most historical event places in U.S history, And for more fun you can go to our Grand Casino, and bet and bid for the bigs.This is a very important place to me because, i lived here for most of my childhood years.

Chicago, Illnois

This is one of the most beutiful places to be, exspecially if your in the city. There are all kinds of hotels and resturants waiting for you, we have an whole day planed for you. You can go to the shore and ride the rides at the amusment park. The way the light look in the night is so beutiful.Come and spend the none expences trip with us.This place is important to me because, most of my family lives here, and i was raised here.

Bloomington, MN

Moa Is one of the biggest malls in America, there are hundreds of different types of stores you can choose from/ name. I was basically raised there so I would know, there is an hotel connected to it so you want have to go far to get into it.It also has all differnt types of food courts and resturants in it, not to mention the amusment park built into it.Come shop to you drop with us.This place is important to me because , I live here now and i shop alot at MOA.


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