Philip II

King of Spain

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Background Information

Philip II of Spain was born on May 21st, 1527, as the son of the Holy Roman emperor Charles V and Isabella of Portugal. He spent his early years in life surrounded by constant education and wealth, and eventually began training to inherit the largest European kingdom of his time from his father.

Spanish Territory, 1560

During the rule of Philip II, Spain's territory consisted of parts of the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Portugal, and much of Latin America.
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Accomplishments in Life

King Philip II accomplished many things during his years of reign. Though it took extra time, he would handle every state matter with complete understanding, and hence never encountered any mistakes. He also consistently defended catholic territory from protestant invasions, no matter how minor they were. Being a major supporter of the counter reformation, he assisted catholic movements in flattening all catholic movements. In his attempts to flatten all Protestant beliefs, he even attempted to defeat Queen Elizabeth of England's army with an armanda of 131 ships.
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Negative Impacts

In his time of ruling, King Philip II made many errors. IN his efforts to stomp out protestant rebellion, he sent a huge Armada to take control of the situation, only to have it obliterated by the English supporting the rebellion. As a result of this mass failure, Spain experienced a major economic decline and faced a series of financial issues.

Family Life and Religious Affiliation

King Philip II had four wives in his lifetime. The first, Maria of Portugal, was the mothered his son, Don Carles, shortly before dying. He would later marry Queen Mary I of England, and, after her death, married Elizabeth of Valois. His fourth and final wife was Anne of Austria. Throughout his life, King Philip II was a catholic enthusiast, and devoted most of his efforts to enforcing the religion.