Listen up!!

By: Makala Kafer

Be Careful What You Put Online

Think about it. Now if your Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Ants, Uncles and many other saw the stuff you were posting. How would it make them feel. Would they be okay with it? Or would they get upset and not like it? So really think because someone can always keep what you post when you post something and delete it, its still there what if someone screenshots?

Your Actions

You may not know but some times you could be breaking the Cyber Law, It includes hacking, bullying, stalking even hey internet safety! If people have proof that you have done a crime then what are you going too do? But if you follow rules you wont get the trouble just be safe and responsible.

Think Before You Type.

You Will Make People Feel Bad And You Can Get In Big Trouble So Just Be Safe!


Q: What if some one is being mean to me and they wont stop?

A: You can always block someone they will no longer be able to get a hold of you.

Q: How do I know its safe?

A: Most websites if there safe they will have a Lock in the search bar your safe then!

There are many other things

Never share pass codes and personal things, be careful who you tell stuff too. Turn off GPS so only friends and family can see where you are. Stay safe and think before you put stuff on the internet. But also remember you can have fun on the internet all you have top do is follow the rules and have fun!! :)