Jonathan Martinez


Canada is the second largest

in the world only Russia

has more land. Canada

stretches across the top of

continent of North America.

Alaska is on then or the and the rest of the united states

is on the south. it lies between the pacific and

Atlant is on the oceans.the Arctic

ocean is the north.ottawa is the capital of canada.


Canada food are

maple syrup and pancakes.


About 35 million people live

in Canada. abut a third of them

are related to British people

who came to Canada long ago. Many

Others are related to people who

came from France.

other large groups in Canad

include Ger man and Italian

people.Western Canada and

Ontario have many Asians. American

Indians and I hull (acne call Eskimos) make up a small

part of Canada's population

Fun Facts About Canada (You May Not Know...)