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how to make video games ?

What are the cognitive benefits of playing video games?

Games have motivational benefit because they encourage an incremental, rather than an entity theory of intelligence

One study showed that as few as 12 hours of video game play improved dyslexic children’s scores on tests of reading and phonology

Video games can also make it difficult to stay focused at school.Are there any negative cognitive consequences of playing video games?

Are there any negative cognitive consequences of playing video games?

Video game players reveal a higher level of cognitive resources than non-video game players

A small study has found that people who play action games on a regular basis may undergo brain changes associated with certain kinds of neurological and psychiatric disorders
Playing video games -- even violent ones -- is also a great way for teens to wind down, says Chris Ferguson, a psychologist at Stetson University in Florida who has studied gaming's therapeutic effects.

What is the correct balance for playing video games and engaging in other activities?

how often should kids play video games..

Kids are spending more time with screen media and at younger ages than ever beforekids go through long periods of doing what seems like just one thing, and then some adults think there's something wrong, Teens who play up to an hour of video games a day are actually better off than teens who don't play at all