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Modern Shower on sale for only $699!


Our state-of-the-art corner shower features 3 panes of anti-fog glass, surrounded by 2 walls of modern tiling. Our floors and our shower heads are built in with lights for a romantic, relaxing setting. The shower head sprays water in 7 vibrant shades that change colour every second for a pop of colour in the washroom. The shower includes a seat for comfort and built-in cubicles for all your shower accessories. Adjust the privacy of your shower at the switch of a button; our windows come with all different transparencies. Step inside and you'll be transported to a world of serenity and restoration.

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Our model is the one that will keep you on the leading edge of interior design. The latest technology, with the coloured shower head lights provides you with a sense of comfort and a good clean. The low-flow shower head also saves you money on water bills and helps the environment. The shower is accessible to all as it is tall, spacious and has a bench for convenience and safety. The design and practicality of the shower saves you money in the long term as you will not need to renovate your bathroom for a long time!
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Door Detailing


  • Stainless steel frame give the shower a sleek modern look, without suffering the effects of rust or water damage.
  • 3 panes of anti-fog windows with adjustable transparencies
  • wooden bench (coated in plastic)
  • small tiling floor
  • potlights installed in ground
  • modern wall tiling

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Shower Power Inc.,

Our company is working hard to meet the needs of your home. We offer a variety of showers that add the finishing touch to a modern, relaxing bathroom. All our showers are directly from the manufacturer, so that we can offer you the best deal to a great shower.

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Designed by: Chantelle Wong

Chantelle Wong currently lives in Toronto, Canada. Her designs for interior spaces are highly sought-after by many engineers and designers around the world. Her line of products are known to be modern, luxurious, yet affordable.


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