Business & Marketing

Mrs. Lyon

Welcome to the next semester!

My name is Mrs. Lyon. It is spelled L-Y-O-N without the S and it is pronounced “Lyon” like the animal. I would like to be addressed by Mrs. Lyon please. Thank you. I enjoy teaching and I am proud to be your teacher. You can relax, you are in good hands with me.

I had a restful holiday season sharing it with my family. I had a big Christmas dinner at my house hosting 20 people. We had ham and smoked brisket!! Afterwords, I traveled to Fayetteville Arkansas to watch the Razorbacks play basketball. Go Hogs!!

You are going to have one of the greatest educational experiences of your life. This classroom will be well organized, and you will feel well cared for while you are in it. You will not only learn Personal Finance skills, but I will also share with you information about the career world and life skills to help you succeed in tomorrow’s world. So WELCOME!

What is Canvas?

Canvas is the modern, open learning platform designed to help learning. Canvas is a course management system that enables instructors to connect with students in a user-friendly online environment. We will be using laptops/desktops/MacAirs for all my classes. To get our classes started, you need to send me some information.

OYou will need a gmail id. Every student will have an email id from Belton in the form of

OPassword: Pirates01

OTo create a canvas account:


OAfter you have completed the google form, goto the following link and watch a video on how to navigate Canvas:


Tell me about yourself and your holiday!!

Goto and create a newsletter. You will share your newsletter with the class to introduce yourself to them. Use these questions as prompts to answer about yourself:

Ideas for information in your newsletter:

How you spent your holidays

*Any special gifts you received

*Relatives that you saw

*Where you traveled over the holidays

For the remaining semester:

*Academic goals

*Where you want to goto college

*Personal/character goals

*Family goals

*Extra-curricular activities you plan to join

*Sports/activities you plan to play

*Community involvement

*Spring break plans

*Anything about your family