Library Student Volunteer Training

Book Check-In using Destiny

Read page 36 of the Destiny Library Manager Handbook

A handout of this page will be provided in case the volunteer would like to copy down any notes during the training.

Review information read on page 36

Student volunteers will only be checking in books. (They will not assess fines.)

Step by Step directions for book Check-In

Scanning the Book

Take scanner in your hand, press down on blue button while you move scanner over Oak Knoll's barcode. You will see a red light which means you are doing everything correctly and then you will hear a little beep when the barcode gets entered into the computer. Check-In is complete!

Check-In Screen

Here is an up close look at the check in screen when the books get scanned in. Every time you do the Check-In process, make sure the book title comes up on this screen. This helps us make sure the books did in fact get checked in.

Circulation Desk

Here is where Check-In occurs. You will have a stack of books piled on the counter to the left of the computer, check all the books in, and place them on the cart for the next volunteer to begin his/her job of putting all the books in order.

Volunteers will receive:

* Instruction by the librarian on every step of the Check-In process while viewing this presentation. Volunteer will receive an actual "Flyer" version of this training presentation as a handout to keep for reference.
* Review of page 36 instructions that apply to this position/job.
* Librarian will demonstrate the process to the volunteer. ( During this time, the volunteer may write any notes down on the Destiny handout of page 36 that was provided.)
*Question and Answer time.
* Volunteer gives it a go!
* Discuss volunteer's schedule.