Interior Design-Alternative Project


Definition of theme:

Going green is not just on the the inside but also on the outside. There's many ways to go green on the outside of our house. You could get green paint, have siding that's eco friendly by it being recycable, and also have a green roof such as solar pannels. These are just a few ways go green on the outside of your house.


One way you can make the exterior of your home is by getting green siding. Some is made with recycled products in them. Another way to go green is improving insulating qualities. Adding house wrap and rigid foam insulation is one of the best ways to reduce energy consuption and protect your home from the moisture condensation inside walls.

Solar Panels

Solar panels is another way to make to exterior of your house green. It will take in the sunlight and use its energy for electricity. A typical home solar PV system could save over a ton of carbon dioxide per year.


Don't waste paint use everything you get. Know the time of day you are painting and the weather conditions. You can also use recycled paint to go green.

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