Hawthorne Happenings

Week of 1/23- 1/27

Hello all,

Another great week is behind us. Here are some highlights from the week:

  • FAST Screening - The FAST window opened this week. Thank you for those of you who are getting your students screened early. I'm anxious to see our scores. I have not heard any technical difficulties, but if there are please let me know.
  • Amy Thacher meeting - Amy Thacher met with K, 1st and 3rd grade today. She will be back to meet with 2nd grade on Monday. I look forward to meeting with Amy next Friday to review the discussions that were had.
  • NEW backpack program!!
I am excited to announce that Hawthorne Elementary is beginning a weekend backpack program, designed to increase access to easy-to-prepare, single servings of food to our students on weekends. Currently, the funding will allow every other weekend supplies. We will be selecting 20-25 students to participate in this free service. Thanks Kathy and Rhett for working out the details of this great program!!


  • Every other Friday the selected students will receive a bag with kid-friendly, easy to prepare foods.
  • This is a free program, no cost to you.
  • This program will operate through April 2017.

Week of 1/16 - 1/20

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Live Animal Show

On Monday, we are running a Wednesday schedule for our Live Animal Show. The presenters will be here at 1:00. The show will begin at 1:30. Below I have attached a link to the seating chart again. Classes will be dismissed as follows:

  • Kindergarten @ 1:15
  • 1st grade @ 1:18
  • 2nd grade @ 1:21
  • 3rd Grade @ 1:24

Wednesday PLC - Google Classroom

Wednesday is a personal PD day. Natalie Ulloa and Kevin Bogert will be here to give a Google Classroom presentation. This is optional, but if you are interested in learning more about Google Classroom you are welcome to join. Presentations will be in Kelly Hetzel and Cindy Reiter's rooms. Thank you Kelly and Cindy for opening up your classrooms!!!

Iowa Assessment Update

Originally, the Iowa Assessments were scheduled for the week of March 6th. The Admin team unanimously decided to push the dates to April 3rd-7th. This will give us an added month of instruction time.

Amy Thacher follow-up cancelled

I had told you that Amy Thacher would be returning on Friday to follow up with everyone. Amy and I decided to cancel that and instead Amy and I will be meeting on Friday to review your conversations from today.

Progress Monitoring clarification

There was some confusion regarding the FAST progress monitoring. Some staff thought that if we were doing our FAST screeners, we did not have to progress monitor for that week. We really should be doing both. The FAST screener does not double as a progress monitoring tool. I understand that it is difficult when we are screening for FAST, completing MAPs, and have to progress monitor, but we really should aim to accomplish them all as much as possible. It's hard work, but you are all great at what you do!!

Bookstore and Birthday Lunch

Bookstore and Birthday Lunch are on Friday, 1/27

Chief Change Pizza Lunch

Our Chief Change Champs will be announced on Wednesday. If you haven't turned in your nominations, please do so. The winners will come up to the office on Friday at 11:30.

I'm out...

I will be in Des Moines on Tuesday-Thursday for my mentor meeting and PRESS training. Since I will be gone for 3 days straight I thought you may need a picture to remember me by...

Do great things while I'm gone!!

Looking Ahead...

  • 1/30 - ILT in PRESS training with Amy Thacher
  • 2/1 - Kindergarten Character Counts
  • 2/3 - American Heart Association - Red Out Day
  • 2/9-2/10 - Scholastic Book Fair
  • 3/9-3/10 - Kindergarten Round Up

"It's always a great day to be at Hawthorne!"