Maxine H&A... Dudes Night

Open to 8pm

Don't forget Maxine H&A is staying open late so your Dude can come in and pick up your wish list!! I am open until 8pm!

I will totally hook you up if you haven't picked out what your heart desires yet. Just call me.


He will be greatly rewarded and receive 20% off all regular priced merchandise.

**15% B. Corazon, Moss Mills, L. George and BedStu**

Maxine Handbags and Accessories

Maxine H&A Hours This Week...

Tuesday ~ 10am - 6pm

Wednesday ~ 10am - 7pm

Thursday ~ 10am - 8pm ** Dudes Night**

Friday ~ 10am - 6pm

Saturday ~ 10am - 5pm

Sunday ~ 12am - 4pm