Kind Kids in Kindergarten

See what our brains and imaginations up to!

March 14 - 18, 2016

This week's focuses were:


-Place Value (Hundreds)

-Nutrition and Balancing the 5 Food Groups

-St. Patrick's Day
-Story Writing

Engineering Fairy Tales!

Monday started the week with the grand finale of our Happily Ever After projects: the make and build challenges! Students donned on their engineer hats and got to work in collaboration. The process proved to not always be easy, but our groups successfully built: a new chair for Baby Bear; a house to protect the Three Pigs from the huffing and puffing Wolf; a zipline to get Rapunzel down safe from her tower; a shelter to protect Henny Penny from the falling sky!

The following gallery shows groups hard at work:

...and the Final Products!

Big image

Three Little Pigs' House (and outside trees too!)

Big image

Chair for Baby Bear (represented by Campbell's soup)

Big image

Strong roof and walls to protect Henny Penny!

Big image

Comfy basket to zipline Rapunzel down to safety!

Thumbs up to all groups!

Place Value Rocks to the Hundreds!

The class revisited our old activity of having to travel around the room and solve posters of base ten blocks. This time students worked in partners and had to count numbers to the three digits!


This week we've been focusing on how to be healthy! We discusses the different food groups, examples of each, and how it is important to balance all five since they serve different purposes. Students self-reflected on ways they are already healthy, and what they could do even more to improve. Eating more vegetables, exercising, and drinking water every day were all great examples.

Below, you can see the poster students helped me create, as I gave them photos of food and we discussed where to post them on "my plate".
Big image

St. Patrick's Day!

I'll admit it--my two favorite things are the color green and dressing up, so I couldn't help but celebrate St. Patty's with the kids! We were lucky to enjoy a variety of holiday themed activities.
The last day of school before Spring Break was filled with fun PTO pizza, a spring flower craft, and a final Read Across America Month assembly in the afternoon. Homework was placed in students' binders, but is not expected to be completed and turned in until the end of our returning week, April 1st. Enjoy the time off with family and friends!

Have a great SPRING BREAK!